Community Guidelines

We invite members of the public to register on our site and engage by contributing information. By contributing information we mean adding Nuggets, contributing to the site Wikis, adding entries in the Forum, writing your own Blog, or asking a Question.  But first we need to set a few ground rules for all that activity.

1. What the site is about. We've built the site to allow you to ...

2. Be nice. Be Polite. Address others the way you would want to be addressed. No name-calling, no personal attacks.

3. Things you should never do. There are a few things we won’t tolerate – obscenities, threats, hate speech, material that’s ethnically or racially offensive, abusive comments and spam, to name a few. Remember that text and images you post on the site must belong to you. It is wrong to post things from other websites if you have not sought permission. More information on this can be found in the Legals page of the site.

4. If you see something questionable, let us know. If you spot a comment you think violates these guidelines, please let us know. You can use the feedback form or the contact page to get in touch.

5. How moderation works. Nuggets and Questinos on WikiPigskin go through a moderation process. They are approved and then may be published.  They can also be removed... Questions works like this...

6. This is a work in progress. So if you have a suggestion, use the feedback form to let us know. Well that's about it, folks. Above all, we're after contributions about ...... and we encourage you to subscribe and take advantage of the custom rankings and .......functionality that the website offers.