Top 40 Quarterbacks

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Fantasy Football Season Preview - Quarterback Rankings

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1. Aaron Rodgers Injury Update

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 388 4,490 39 9 62 327 2 644.65
2016-17 401 4,428 40 7 67 369 4 675.92
2015-16 347 3,821 31 8 58 344 1 531.60
2014-15 341 4,381 38 5 43 269 2 630.25
2013-14 193 2,536 17 6 30 120 0 309.60

At this point Rodgers is simply the safest dynasty quarterback option around. The entire offense run through him, and no one is as efficient with the football as the Packers franchise quarterback. Despite a glut of injuries and sheer chaos in the running game, Rodgers still delivered elite fantasy numbers, throwing for more than 4400 yards and accounting for 44 total TDs (40 through the air and another 4 on the ground). Green Bay seems poised to hand the starting running back job to converted wideout Ty Montgomery, which could mean an uptick in targets to the running back position, a plus for Rodgers. The Packers also added veteran tight end Martellus Bennett, arguably the best red zone tight end Rodgers has ever had. Heading into his age 33 season a healthy Rodgers feels like a lock to post similar numbers to last season.

2. Tom Brady

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 386 4,462 40 6 36 56 2 607.20
2016-17 291 3,554 28 2 28 64 0 456.28
2015-16 402 4,770 36 7 34 53 3 612.53
2014-15 373 4,109 33 9 36 57 0 506.58
2013-14 380 4,343 25 11 32 18 0 463.27

As long as Brady is still putting on a uniform, he's an elite fantasy quarterback week in and week out. The problem is trying to figure out how much longer he's going to be able to do what he's doing. Fresh in our minds is the Super Bowl comeback that all but solidified him as the greatest quarterback of all time. That said, he's entering his age 40 season, which leaves us little in the way of historical context. By now nearly every great quarterback had shown a noticeable drop off, both in their statistical performance and by any measure of the eye test. At this point Brady has seemingly been headed in the opposite direction for the past three seasons. It sort of defies logic, but then again that's essentially what we've come to expect from Tom. It seems somewhat counterintuitive, but if he played four or five more years at a high level before calling it a career, would any of us even be surprised?

3. Drew Brees

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 437 4,846 39 13 29 55 1 604.13
2016-17 471 5,208 37 15 23 20 2 612.92
2015-16 428 4,870 32 11 24 14 1 556.24
2014-15 456 4,952 33 17 27 68 1 564.49
2013-14 446 5,162 39 12 35 52 3 652.38

Heading into his age 38 season, Brees is still in the upper echelon of fantasy quarterbacks, but the question at this stage is, "For how long?" During the offseason the Saints dealt disgruntled receiver Brandin Cooks, who as talented as he was, never seemed to buy into his role in the New Orleans offense. Deep threat Ted Ginn adds a new dimension, but the biggest news in New Orleans is the revamped backfield. Mark Ingram remains the lead back and is coming off a season in which he totaled nearly 1400 yards (1043 rushing) and found the end zone ten times. But Adrian Peterson is going to see carries as well, and though aging, is now running behind a better offensive line than he has in years. And just for good measure the Saints selected arguably the draft's most complete back, Alvin Kamara, in the third round. Right now the plan is for the rookie to see work in a pass catching role. The Saints aren't taking the ball out of Drew Brees' hands anytime soon, but Brees has averaged more than 655 attempts per season since 2010, and this backfield is talented enough that it could push that number closer to 600 and potentially cut into his red zone attempts as well. It's also worth noting that Brees is in the final year of his contract so any extension talk needs to be monitored for dynasty purposes.

4. Andrew Luck Injury Update

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 376 4,367 32 14 72 362 3 594.49
2016-17 346 4,240 31 13 64 341 2 558.88
2015-16 162 1,881 15 12 33 196 0 248.54
2014-15 380 4,761 40 16 64 273 3 648.95
2013-14 343 3,822 23 9 63 377 4 532.20

Luck is now two seasons removed from his monster 2014, but despite missing a game he still finished in the top 5 in touchdown passes (31) and passing yards per game (282.7) in 2016. The concern here is for the second straight season he battled shoulder issues, finally undergoing surgery in January that is likely to limit him until at least mid-summer. Still just 28 years old, the Colts offense is going to run through their franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future. What needs to change is the level of protection he's afforded by the offensive line. Too often Luck spent Sundays running for his life last season, which is no doubt daunting when you're being asked to carry the entire offense on your back. The receiver depth is there and surprise fantasy breakout tight end, Jack Doyle has been resigned. Luck enters the season with stud quarterback bonafides and plenty of runway ahead for dynasty owners.

5. Cam Newton Sleepers

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 316 3,937 30 16 94 427 6 589.73
2016-17 270 3,509 19 14 90 359 5 466.34
2015-16 296 3,837 35 10 132 636 10 704.26
2014-15 262 3,127 18 12 103 539 5 457.02
2013-14 292 3,379 24 13 111 585 6 548.22

Coming off his 2015 NFL MVP season, few could have predicted the nightmarish 2016 season endured by Newton and the Carolina Panthers. By Week 3 the Panthers had lost more regular season games than they had the previous season, and Newton was already halfway to matching his interception total from the previous season. With Kelvin Benjamin's returning from sitting out 2015 with a torn ACL, the expectation was that the Carolina passing game would be even more potent last season. That was hardly the case. Injuries and defections ravaged the defense, while the offensive line struggled to protect Newton, who seemingly found himself leading comeback efforts by halftime almost every week. Carolina worked to improve the protection this offseason and also added two of the most dynamic playmakers in the draft in running back Christian McCaffrey and hybrid WR/RB Curtis Samuel. Both are big play threats and above average receivers. The new focus is to take some of the burden off Newton to run, which limits some of the short term fantasy appeal, but could ultimately give him fantasy longevity.

6. Russell Wilson

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 334 3,790 27 11 91 476 3 547.41
2016-17 353 4,219 21 11 72 259 1 475.87
2015-16 329 4,024 34 8 103 553 1 607.52
2014-15 285 3,475 20 7 118 849 6 587.47
2013-14 257 3,357 26 9 96 539 1 492.67

After a breakout 2016 campaign, Wilson seemingly never got out of the gate last season. Offensive line struggles were part of the problem, as was an unsettled and injury riddled backfield. But Wilson himself also battled numerous ankle and leg injuries over the course of the season, leading to career low rushing numbers and hampering his elusiveness, a core component of his playmaking ability through his first three NFL seasons. Wilson has also spent the 2016 offseason working to get healthier and dropping weight. The result should be increased mobility and significant improvement in his rushing stats. The Seahawks have also made improvements on the offensive line and added Eddie Lacy to the backfield. If he can stay healthy, then this should be a bounce back season for Wilson.

7. Derek Carr Studs

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 373 4,218 32 12 37 114 1 526.09
2016-17 357 3,937 28 6 39 70 0 466.73
2015-16 350 3,987 32 13 33 138 0 498.14
2014-15 348 3,270 21 12 29 92 0 360.00

Though lost to a broken leg in Week 16, Carr was making a serious case to join the conversation of the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks with his 2016 campaign. The 2014 second round pick has improved significantly in each of his first three seasons, taking a massive step forward in 2016 en route to leading the Raiders to a 12-3 record as the starter. While he was significantly better over the first three months, it was revealed in the offseason that he played the last four games (where his completion percentage fell off by more than 10%) with a broken pinkie finger. In addition to a new contract, and keeping most of their offensive core intact, the Raiders have upgraded the running back position with the addition of Marshawn Lynch, receiving tight end Jared Cook, and explosive gadget player, Cordarrelle Patterson. Expected back to full health to start the season, few quarterbacks have as much short and long term upside as Carr.

8. Philip Rivers Sleepers

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 385 4,572 31 15 21 38 1 525.32
2016-17 349 4,386 33 21 14 35 0 494.01
2015-16 437 4,792 29 13 17 28 0 517.91
2014-15 379 4,286 31 18 37 102 0 500.54
2013-14 378 4,478 32 11 28 72 0 526.62

Few quarterbacks in the history of the NFL have been asked to do more with less over the past few seasons. Injuries, particularly at the receiver position and across the offensive line, have decimated this team of late. The emergence of Tyrell Williams last season, along with the addition of Hunter Henry in last year's draft and Mike Williams in the first round this spring, should give Rivers enough weapons to continue being productive from a fantasy standpoint. Keenan Allen also returns from another serious injury, but it's unknown what level he can get back to. Known throughout his career as a bit of gunslinger, Rivers led the league in interceptions again. But in his defense the Chargers defense, or lack thereof, required herculean efforts from him on nearly a weekly basis. Heading into his age 36 season the clock is ticking for the veteran quarterback, and despite rumblings that the Chargers were in the market for a quarterback in this past draft, nothing materialized. Rivers probably has at least a few more viable fantasy seasons left.

9. Matthew Stafford Sleepers

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 381 4,316 28 13 41 154 2 520.66
2016-17 388 4,327 24 10 37 207 2 507.85
2015-16 398 4,262 32 13 44 159 1 535.38
2014-15 363 4,257 22 12 43 93 2 461.61
2013-14 371 4,650 29 19 37 69 2 525.71

With Calvin Johnson hanging it up last offseason there was much debate about what would happen to the Lions passing game. Marvin Jones lit the world on fire with Stafford through the first few weeks, but ultimately is was the short and intermediate passing game that drove the Detroit offense. Entering his ninth NFL season it does look like Stafford has settled in at a fairly predictable level. While he's become a more efficient passer in the past couple seasons, we can assume a typical Stafford season is going to be somewhere in the 4200-4500 yard range for 16 games, with 25-30 touchdowns and about half that number of interceptions. It's a pretty solid baseline if you consider the fact that Detroit hasn't fielded a consistent running game in years, and once again decided to stand pat in that department this offseason. Despite entering his ninth campaign, Stafford won't turn 30 until next offseason so he should be counted on to maintain this production for some time.

10. Matt Ryan Bust

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 381 4,518 29 15 37 74 1 513.74
2016-17 373 4,944 38 7 35 117 0 618.46
2015-16 407 4,591 21 16 37 63 0 437.54
2014-15 415 4,694 28 14 29 145 0 522.81
2013-14 439 4,515 26 17 17 55 0 467.82

Yes, their was the epic Super Bowl collapse that ended Atlanta's season, but the good news is that much of the Falcons roster remains intact for 2017. The bad news is that despite few personnel changes, 2016 offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan is now running the show in San Francisco. Still, Matt Ryan was a formidable fantasy quarterback prior to Shanahan's arrival and he should maintain a high level of play for at least the next few seasons. What fantasy owners should note about Ryan going forward is that 2016 is likely the high water mark for his career. Since 2010, Ryan has never averaged better than 295 yards per game despite averaging well over 600 passing attempts, throwing more than 13 interceptions per season, completing better than 66.5% of his passes twice, and throwing more than 29 TD passes just once. Last season he needed just 534 attempts to average nearly 310 yards per game at a completion percentage of nearly 70%, while totaling 38 touchdowns to just 7 interceptions. He's still a top ten fantasy quarterback, but don't let last year's numbers mislead you into thinking he's joined the ranks of the elite. Nothing about his first eight years in the league suggest that last year's monster season is sustainable.

11. Jameis Winston Sleepers Injury Update

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 357 4,128 28 16 59 202 2 510.56
2016-17 345 4,090 28 18 53 165 1 473.12
2015-16 312 4,042 22 15 54 213 6 508.20

In year number two the top overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft took another step forward, topping 4000 yards again and raising his completion percentage to nearly 61 percent, up from his rookie year mark of just over 58 percent. Winston also threw 28 touchdown passes, but turnovers continue to be the big concern, as he gave away the ball two dozen times, including six fumbles. Still, there was marked improvement for the young quarterback despite lacking consistent offensive talent outside of Mike Evans, at the skill positions. The addition of DeSean Jackson this offseason should be huge, as defenses will need to account for his deep speed. And rookies O.J. Howard and Chris Godwin were two of the more dynamic pass catching talents in this year's draft. Tampa Bay clearly went out of its way to find weapons that should not only help bolster Winston's production this season, but also for the next decade. It would not be at all surprising for Jameis to be knocking on the door of the top ten quarterback conversation by season's end.

12. Eli Manning Sleepers Daily League Sleepers

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 381 4,337 28 14 22 27 1 487.38
2016-17 377 4,027 26 16 21 -9 0 423.85
2015-16 387 4,436 35 14 20 61 0 532.13
2014-15 379 4,410 30 14 12 31 1 500.29
2013-14 317 3,818 18 27 18 36 0 348.21

After a dismal 2016 campaign it appears the Giants offseason strategy was to get Eli Manning more toys, as the G-Men now have one of the best pass catching units in the league. With a year under his belt running back Paul Perkins is slated to be the starter and is a pass catching upgrade over predecessor Rashad Jennings, while Shane Vereen fills the passing downs back role. They added Brandon Marshall to keep teams from overloading on Odell Beckham, and second year receiver Sterling Shepard will now almost exclusively run out of the slot. Then, just for good measure, they used a first round pick on tight end Evan Engram, an elite athlete who can lineup all over the formation to create mismatches with his unique combination of size and speed. With this group Manning should be in line for a bounceback in his age 36 season. If not, the Giants may start hedging next offseason so that all of this young offensive talent doesn't go to waste.

13. Kirk Cousins

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 390 4,573 24 14 35 63 2 485.68
2016-17 406 4,917 25 12 34 96 4 551.08
2015-16 379 4,166 29 11 26 48 5 530.19
2014-15 126 1,710 10 9 7 20 0 171.88
2013-14 81 854 4 7 4 14 0 71.58

With his two year contract battle with the Redskins still in full swing, Cousins is one of the hardest dynasty quarterbacks to predict. It seems unlikely a deal gets done before camp, which means Cousins should hit the open market at season's end. His top target, tight end Jason Reed, returns, as does promising slot receiver Jamison Crowder. But gone are DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, who combined for more than 200 targets last season, as each topped 1000 yards receiving. Washington brought in converted quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who showed promise as a receiver in Cleveland last season. And last year's top pick, Josh Doctson, has recovered from the Achilles injury that cost him all but two games of his rookie season. While both players are talented, there's enough inexperience here to assume this is an overall downgrade to the passing game. If the season is headed south early or the relationship between Cousins and the franchise deteriorates even further, there's always the chance the Redskins decide to pull the plug at some point. Regardless of how this all plays out, Cousins is a long term fantasy asset. But dynasty owners likely need be prepared for some uncertainty as well.

14. Marcus Mariota

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 314 3,698 27 13 62 236 2 484.45
2016-17 276 3,426 26 9 60 349 2 474.60
2015-16 230 2,818 19 10 34 252 2 359.86

Recovering from a late season broken leg, Mariota is expected to be a full go when training camp opens. He did a nice job of building on his solid rookie campaign, but it's worth noting that he's now failed to stay healthy for sixteen games in each of his first two seasons. That said, he's a good bet to take another step forward in 2017, as the Titans added first round pick Corey Davis and veteran Eric Decker this offseason, to what was arguably the worst wide receiver corps in the league last season. And with an improving offensive line the Titans should continue to run a balanced attack that doesn't ask an excessive amount from Mariota. There's some upside here for the future, as Mariota is efficient with the football and has a knack for getting his team in the end zone. But the strong running game and his natural conservative tendencies with the football, don't suggest he's going to consistently pass for a lot of yardage any time soon.

15. Dak Prescott Bust

Com Yds TD Int Rsh Yds TD WPV
2017-18 (proj) 332 3,729 25 14 52 224 3 479.22
2016-17 311 3,667 23 4 57 282 6 513.32

With Tony Romo going down in the preseason, the fourth round rookie impressed enough to land the starting quarterback gig in Dallas, and he never looked back. While teammate Ezekiel Elliott had his own monster rookie campaign, it was Prescott who led Dallas to a 13 win season and took home Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. With the top offensive line in football and a bellcow back in Elliott, Prescott is the perfect complement as a highly efficient dual threat quarterback. He showed a lot of poise and strong decision making in his rookie season, which we should expect to continue going forward. What he doesn't seem to offer yet is big upside in the passing game, as the Cowboys don't need him to throw it 40 times a game to be successful. In fact, Prescott only topped 36 passing attempts in three games last season. Still, he's a threat with his feet and it's not unreasonable to expect he can duplicate the half dozen rushing scores from last season. The future is bright for Prescott owners, as he's also going to continue to develop. Right now his profile is something like Russell Wilson's early seasons as an athletic game manager with plus upside in shootouts. And much like Wilson, Prescott should be able to reach the level of virtual top ten fantasy mainstay in any given week.

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