Top 40 Quarterbacks

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Fantasy Football Season Preview - Quarterback Rankings

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1. Aaron Rodgers

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 391 4,490 yds 39 TD 11 Int 61 rush 295 yds 2 TD 675.19
2016-17 401 4,428 yds 40 TD 7 Int 67 rush 369 yds 4 TD 718.16
2015-16 347 3,821 yds 31 TD 8 Int 58 rush 344 yds 1 TD 564.83
2014-15 341 4,381 yds 38 TD 5 Int 43 rush 269 yds 2 TD 669.64
2013-14 193 2,536 yds 17 TD 6 Int 30 rush 120 yds 0 TD 328.95

Rodgers suffered through a terrible 2015 season. Part of it was due to poor offensive line, but the loss of Jordy Nelson in the preseason proved far more detrimental than many had predicted. Nelson should be back to full health by camp, and the handful of young Packers receivers that got extended run in Nelson's absence enter the year with some added experience. Expect Rodgers to bounce back this year and he'll probably go undervalued in most fantasy formats coming into the season. Without a great defense, the Packers will likely find themselves in plenty of shootouts which bodes well for Rodgers' projected numbers.

2. Andrew Luck

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 398 4,527 yds 36 TD 14 Int 72 rush 362 yds 3 TD 673.65
2016-17 346 4,240 yds 31 TD 13 Int 64 rush 341 yds 2 TD 593.81
2015-16 162 1,881 yds 15 TD 12 Int 33 rush 196 yds 0 TD 264.08
2014-15 380 4,761 yds 40 TD 16 Int 64 rush 273 yds 3 TD 689.51
2013-14 343 3,822 yds 23 TD 9 Int 63 rush 377 yds 4 TD 565.46

After a monster 2014 season, Luck was hit by injuries in 2015, as both he and the Colts had a very forgettable season overall. Luck only managed to play seven games but was productive when on the field, throwing multiple touchdowns in six games. While his natural athleticism is an added dimension that gives defenses fits, expect the Colts to urge Luck to limit his open field exposure, as he suffered both multiple rib fractures and a lacerated kidney on separate occasions last season. With a bevy of receiving weapons surrounding him, Luck should enter the 2016 season fully healthy and pick up where he left off in 2014. Without a decent defense, Luck will throw a ton this season, has huge upside and is currently a tad undervalued.

3. Drew Brees

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 429 4,742 yds 39 TD 13 Int 29 rush 68 yds 1 TD 636.53
2016-17 471 5,208 yds 37 TD 15 Int 23 rush 20 yds 2 TD 651.23
2015-16 428 4,870 yds 32 TD 11 Int 24 rush 14 yds 1 TD 591.00
2014-15 456 4,952 yds 33 TD 17 Int 27 rush 68 yds 1 TD 599.78
2013-14 446 5,162 yds 39 TD 12 Int 35 rush 52 yds 3 TD 693.15

An every year Top-5 QB, Brees provides both consistency and a high upside as he is always capable of huge outings. Last season he surpassed 20 fantasy points in 7 games, 30 points in 2 games and only fell below 10 points once. Although they continue to flirt with becoming a more balanced offense, the Saints can't help but rely on the pass. Brees threw 627 pass attempts last season, 2nd only to Philip Rivers (661). Expect his young receivers like Brandin Cooks and Willie Snead to continue to be productive and the addition of Michael Thomas gives Brees yet another downfield weapon with upside. He'll go off draft boards early but Brees is a perennial every week starter and will continue to be a dominant in this dangerous offense.

4. Tom Brady

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 379 4,462 yds 37 TD 10 Int 36 rush 52 yds 2 TD 614.40
2016-17 291 3,554 yds 28 TD 2 Int 28 rush 64 yds 0 TD 484.80
2015-16 402 4,770 yds 36 TD 7 Int 34 rush 53 yds 3 TD 650.81
2014-15 373 4,109 yds 33 TD 9 Int 36 rush 57 yds 0 TD 538.24
2013-14 380 4,343 yds 25 TD 11 Int 32 rush 18 yds 0 TD 492.23

With a 4-game suspension looming, Brady will likely fall down draft boards. As consistent as they come, Brady is an easy every week starter and surpassed 20 fantasy points in 9 games last season. Although he doesn't exactly have the greatest receiving corps to work with, that has never been a problem for Brady in the past. He'll continue to put up numbers in Belichick's quarterback-friendly system and as long as Rob Gronkowski is around, Brady will be able to flirt with elite numbers. Something to keep in mind for those in 17-game seasons, the Patriots rarely play a meaningful Week 17 game therefore you can't always count on Brady for the Fantasy championship.

5. Cam Newton Injury Update

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 316 3,862 yds 28 TD 14 Int 85 rush 479 yds 5 TD 608.21
2016-17 270 3,509 yds 19 TD 14 Int 90 rush 359 yds 5 TD 495.49
2015-16 296 3,837 yds 35 TD 10 Int 132 rush 636 yds 10 TD 748.28
2014-15 262 3,127 yds 18 TD 12 Int 103 rush 539 yds 5 TD 485.59
2013-14 292 3,379 yds 24 TD 13 Int 111 rush 585 yds 6 TD 582.49

One of our sleepers last season, Newton didn't disappoint, nearly doubling his touchdown production from the previous year. He surpassed 20 fantasy points in 10 games, 30 points in 5 games and never fell below 13 fantasy points. Newton can put up points on the ground and in the passing game and will get Kelvin Benjamin back this season. Ron Rivera will continue to let Newton run wild this season which is a great supplement to his fantasy production and provides a dependable weekly floor. There's lots to like here but Newton has been sluggish in OTA's thanks to a busy offseason and it's extremely unlikely that he tops all quarterback again this season. Currently the first quarterback off of draft boards, you're likely better off letting someone else reach for him in drafts.

6. Russell Wilson

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 320 3,790 yds 27 TD 11 Int 93 rush 537 yds 4 TD 604.31
2016-17 353 4,219 yds 21 TD 11 Int 72 rush 259 yds 1 TD 505.61
2015-16 329 4,024 yds 34 TD 8 Int 103 rush 553 yds 1 TD 645.49
2014-15 285 3,475 yds 20 TD 7 Int 118 rush 849 yds 6 TD 624.19
2013-14 257 3,357 yds 26 TD 9 Int 96 rush 539 yds 1 TD 523.46

Wilson is coming off a huge season in which he took control of this offense and showed huge potential as a passer. He was consistently productive surpassing 20 fantasy points in 8 games and never falling below 13 fantasy points in a game. He hasn't missed a game in his career and his rushing ability is a huge boost to his weekly production. It's fair to expect the Seahawks to lean on Wilson more and more now that Marshawn Lynch is gone but we suspect they stay true to their run first mentality. Thomas Rawls has proven himself to be a capable runner and rookie C.J. Prosise will likely become a factor in the passing game. Expect another solid campaign from Wilson but we wouldn't be surprised to see his passing numbers come down from last year as the Seahawks begin to trust Rawls more and more.

7. Philip Rivers

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 374 4,516 yds 31 TD 15 Int 21 rush 44 yds 1 TD 555.08
2016-17 349 4,386 yds 33 TD 21 Int 14 rush 35 yds 0 TD 524.89
2015-16 437 4,792 yds 29 TD 13 Int 17 rush 28 yds 0 TD 550.28
2014-15 379 4,286 yds 31 TD 18 Int 37 rush 102 yds 0 TD 531.83
2013-14 378 4,478 yds 32 TD 11 Int 28 rush 72 yds 0 TD 559.54

While Rivers' 2015 numbers fell just outside the Top-10 among quarterbacks, he was quietly consistent, surpassing 20 points in 8 games. Savvy fantasy owners know it's better to have the consistency of a Rivers than the streakiness of a Roethlisberger. Rivers' football IQ is very underrated. There are definitely better options for a starter but Rivers provides decent upside and the kind of dependability championship owners look for in a quarterback. Rivers has finished in the QB1 bubble seven of the past eight seasons. Overall Rivers is a gamer you want on your fantasy team. He's the centerpiece of this offense, hasn't missed a game in his career and is always willing to take shots down the field. He attempted the most passes last season (661), that's 34 more passes then Drew Brees (627). The Chargers have added Travis Benjamin to fill the downfield role left my Malcom Floyd and while rookie tight ends don't typically make an impact right away, Hunter Henry is a sure-handed, high-end athlete and Rivers loves targeting tight ends. Rivers provides QB1 upside and is currently going off draft boards as the 13th QB making him a great value this season.

8. Derek Carr

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 378 4,282 yds 31 TD 15 Int 37 rush 108 yds 1 TD 549.53
2016-17 357 3,937 yds 28 TD 6 Int 39 rush 70 yds 0 TD 495.90
2015-16 350 3,987 yds 32 TD 13 Int 33 rush 138 yds 0 TD 529.28
2014-15 348 3,270 yds 21 TD 12 Int 29 rush 92 yds 0 TD 382.50

Carr finished last season as a high QB2, throwing multiple touchdowns in 11 games and surpassing 20 fantasy points in 7 games. It was a big step forward from his rookie season. He has shown poise under pressure and good decision making for a young quarterback. He's also a gamer who'll stick with the game plan when things fall apart - a great trait for a Raiders quarterback. Jack Del Rio and OC Bill Musgrave are clearly buying into Carr, are building around him and he'll be given every opportunity to succeed. Amari Cooper will continue to give Carr a great downfield target and explosive fantasy weapon. It's a plus for Carr's fantasy stock that the Raiders will likely be trailing in many games and he'll be forced to throw plenty. Overall, we see his upside this season as a low-QB1 as the Raiders will likely be running the football in the red zone.

9. Matthew Stafford

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 381 4,316 yds 28 TD 14 Int 41 rush 137 yds 2 TD 548.14
2016-17 388 4,327 yds 24 TD 10 Int 37 rush 207 yds 2 TD 539.59
2015-16 398 4,262 yds 32 TD 13 Int 44 rush 159 yds 1 TD 568.84
2014-15 363 4,257 yds 22 TD 12 Int 43 rush 93 yds 2 TD 490.46
2013-14 371 4,650 yds 29 TD 19 Int 37 rush 69 yds 2 TD 558.56

Stafford was severely undervalued going into last season but proved to be a great value pick finishing as the 7th ranked fantasy quarterback. His production was in part due to the Lions' lack of a run game forcing them to throw more. Stafford produced 11 multi-touchdown games and solid numbers but it wasn't always pretty. His stock has taken a hit this season with the loss of Calvin Johnson but his current ADP of QB21 seems like owners are underestimating him. We expect Ameer Abdullah to show improvement this season and for the Lions run game to be a factor. Abdullah has the potential to be a great checkdown target with after-the-catch ability in open space. It should also be noted that the Lions were 2nd in the league in 2014 for targeting their running backs. This receiving corps is a major concern though, with Golden Tate acting as the WR1. Hopefully high-upside tight end Eric Ebron can take some strides this season. There are definitely question marks but Stafford is a great value at his current ADP.

10. Jameis Winston

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 357 4,217 yds 27 TD 16 Int 63 rush 213 yds 2 TD 543.71
2016-17 345 4,090 yds 28 TD 18 Int 53 rush 165 yds 1 TD 502.69
2015-16 312 4,042 yds 22 TD 15 Int 54 rush 213 yds 6 TD 539.96

While Winston rarely lit it up during his rookie season, he was consistently solid finishing the season as the 12th ranked fantasy quarterback and never posted less than 13 fantasy points in any game. His 6 rushing touchdowns were also a nice compliment to his fantasy numbers. Winston comes into this season lighter, having dropped almost 20 pounds, and will be given more freedom with the ball. Expect him to continue to target Mike Evans and athletic tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins plenty. Kenny Bell is an exciting physical prospect capable of out-working defenders for the ball and could emerge as a great asset in this passing game. Winston has the confidence to let it rip, an innate sense of timing and processes a high level of anticipation (something hard to coach). He has a quick release, can make any throw and has great poise in the pocket. The Bucs run game should continue to be effective which will only benefit Winston. He's a solid QB2 and could even post regular QB1 numbers in the right matchups.

11. Matt Ryan

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 361 4,483 yds 29 TD 15 Int 37 rush 74 yds 1 TD 543.23
2016-17 373 4,944 yds 38 TD 7 Int 35 rush 117 yds 0 TD 657.11
2015-16 407 4,591 yds 21 TD 16 Int 37 rush 63 yds 0 TD 464.89
2014-15 415 4,694 yds 28 TD 14 Int 29 rush 145 yds 0 TD 555.49
2013-14 439 4,515 yds 26 TD 17 Int 17 rush 55 yds 0 TD 497.06

Ryan took a step back last season in terms of touchdown production as he was sorely missing a number two target behind Julio Jones. He surpassed 20 fantasy points in just 4 games. The Falcons have added Mohamed Sanu and hopefully Sanu or Justin Hardy can step up this season and fill the Roddy White role in this offense. We expect the Falcons run game to continue to be successful which could result in more play-action and greater efficiency from Ryan. The Falcons defense will continue to struggle, which means fantasy stats galore as Ryan will be throwing early and often in attempts to keep the Falcons in games. Ryan could be a great value as he is currently being drafted as a low-QB2. Ryan has elite upside as long as Julio Jones is around.

12. Kirk Cousins

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 394 4,573 yds 26 TD 14 Int 35 rush 63 yds 1 TD 523.54
2016-17 406 4,917 yds 25 TD 12 Int 34 rush 96 yds 4 TD 585.53
2015-16 379 4,166 yds 29 TD 11 Int 26 rush 48 yds 5 TD 563.33
2014-15 126 1,710 yds 10 TD 9 Int 7 rush 20 yds 0 TD 182.63
2013-14 81 854 yds 4 TD 7 Int 4 rush 14 yds 0 TD 76.05

Cousins finished his 2015 campaign as the 10th ranked fantasy quarterback due mostly to some monster performances towards the end of the season. He surpassed 20 fantasy points in 7 games and surpassed 30 points in 3 games. We don't expect Cousins to put up consistent QB1 numbers but he's a great spot starter at the least. His willingness to throw the ball down the field is exactly what fantasy owners want to see in a quarterback but his propensity for turnovers makes him hard to watch. He's capable of big games but overall will be hard to trust on a weekly basis.

13. Marcus Mariota Injury Update

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 318 3,651 yds 25 TD 13 Int 73 rush 244 yds 3 TD 508.95
2016-17 276 3,426 yds 26 TD 9 Int 60 rush 349 yds 2 TD 504.26
2015-16 230 2,818 yds 19 TD 10 Int 34 rush 252 yds 2 TD 382.35

Mariota has the potential to be a solid fantasy quarterback but was severely limited by his supporting cast last season. The Titans will look to do a better job of protecting him this season and have made some nice upgrades both in the backfield and in the receiving corps. The addition of DeMarco Murray and rookie Derrick Henry should help take some of the pressure off of Mariota while Rishard Matthews will provide a nice downfield threat. Dorial Green-Beckham is a supremely talented athlete and while he is certainly not a hard worker or a reliable receiver just yet, we expect him to take some strides this season. Mariota is a nice late round pick with upside.

14. Eli Manning

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 379 4,226 yds 28 TD 16 Int 21 rush 27 yds 1 TD 505.76
2016-17 377 4,027 yds 26 TD 16 Int 21 rush -9 yds 0 TD 450.34
2015-16 387 4,436 yds 35 TD 14 Int 20 rush 61 yds 0 TD 565.39
2014-15 379 4,410 yds 30 TD 14 Int 12 rush 31 yds 1 TD 531.56
2013-14 317 3,818 yds 18 TD 27 Int 18 rush 36 yds 0 TD 369.98

One of our sleepers last season, Manning didn't disappoint and finished the year as the 7th ranked fantasy quarterback. With Ben McAdoo taking over as head coach, the Giants won't miss a beat going forward. Rookie Sterling Shepard will provide a great number two target behind Odell Beckham Jr. and there's no more Rueben Randle to make a mess of routes. The Giants have the potential to be one of the hottest offenses in the league. We expect the Giants to pick up where they left off and for Manning to hit Beckham early and often. Currently being drafted as a low-QB1, Manning could be a nice value again this season as we expect him to finish the year with mid to high-end QB1 numbers. It also helps that the Giants defense will likely continue to struggle forcing Manning to throw plenty in comeback attempts. Manning attempted the 4th most passes last season and without much of a run game, that will likely continue going forward.

15. Dak Prescott

Pass Rush WPV
2017-18 (proj) 331 3,744 yds 26 TD 13 Int 51 rush 205 yds 2 TD 504.86
2016-17 311 3,667 yds 23 TD 4 Int 57 rush 282 yds 6 TD 545.40

With Romo (back) sidelined for 6-10 weeks, Prescott will start the season and could make an immediate impact, especially in DFS formats. He has tons of weapons around him to be successful.

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