Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fantasy Nugget?

A quick snippet of fantasy information or analysis submitted by a user.

How do I create my own WikiPigskin Feed to update me on player news and fantasy advice?

You can customize various site feeds to only receive player updates for players on your MySquad and MyRadar.  First, select players and teams and users to follow. Then, go to your Profile or MyFeed. MySquad players also simply our Weekly Rankings, Sit/Start Advice, and Dynasty Rankings.  There is a player limit of 7. Subscribers/Members can sign an unlimited number of players to their MySquad.

Is the site free to use?

Yes. Register for free and you can add and edit certain content.  Create Nuggets, Ask Fantasy Questions, Create a MySquad, and more.  We also offer additional services to subscribers such as Custom Rankings, Unlimited MySquad Players, Keeper/Dynasty Draft Tools, Draft Kit, Customizable Online Fantasy Magazine, Free Agency Tool and more.

How do I make Custom Rankings?

To create your own Custom Rankings, you must first become a member.  Then simply click the "Add Custom Rankings" link on the Rankings page and enter your leagues roster and scoring settings. 

Is there a draft tool for Keeper/dynasty leagues?

Our Dynasty Rankings rank all players by position for dynasty and keeper leagues and provide writeups. Our Advanced Rankings allow you to manage your team and remove kept players for easier drafting.

How is WP Value determined?

WPV is calculated using your leagues scoring and rosters settings.  For default rankings used site wide, we use a PPR, 12-teamer format with standard roster settings.  Using a unique algorithm for determining each player's value in your league, "WikiPigskin Value" represents the player's draft value given the roster and scoring settings.

Why is a player ranked so low when they are projected to have more fantasy points than the player's above him?

Rankings aren't sorted by Fantasy Points because we take into account depth at that position.  The WP Value is a better way to determine a player's relative value against other players.  For instance, QB's get the most points but it's also a very deep position consider must leagues only start 1 QB.  If you're in a 2 QB league, become a member and create your own Custom Rankings.  Your Custom Rankings will take into account your roster settings and you'll see QB's move up the rankings if your league require you to start 2 QB's.

How do I become a member? Is It Free?

Simply go to the Subscription page and view the available options.  There are free options including signing up for DraftKings.  You can also unlock membership features and support WikiPigskin by purchasing a membership: click "Add to Cart" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is the Payment Process secure?

Our payment portal has the highest level of security. We offer PayPal and Stripe options for payments. Stripe allows you to make purchases using your credit card without having to create an account at a third-party site. PayPal information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available). Stripe credit card information is encrypted with AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard).

How to I follow / unfollow a user?

Simply visit that user's Profile page and select the Follow link.  This user's articles and content will then feed to your Profile & Feed pages.

Are Season Outlooks and Rankings available in PDF?

Your best bet is to use Google Chrome to create PDF of the current page. Go to "Print' and select "Save as PDF". You can also select the "Print Friendly" option in the share/save as option on some content. 

Is it possible to remove "kept" players from my rankings?

Our Advanced Draft Tool allows you to remove kept players from the Rankings.  You can mark players as "Unavail" to remove them from Rankings.

How do I earn WikiRep?

Earn WikiRep by adding Fantasy Nuggets, answering Fantasy Questions, editing wiki pages. Every "agree" that a nugget or answer receivers grants you 1 WikiRep point. 

How do I become a contributor?

Once you reach 500 WikiRep points, you will be granted Contributor status which allows you greater access and permissions.

How do I become a Writer?

If you'd like to write for WikiPigskin Contact Us and let us know why you would make a good addition to our team.

What are the Membership/Subscription Benefits?

For full listing of all Member Benefits and how you can access membership content for free, go to Draft/Subscription.

Why can't I edit my Fantasy Nugget?

As we are a small operation and would rather spend our time researching Fantasy Football than moderating, we only allow Contributors (Users with 500+ WikiRep) and Writers to edit their own Nuggets.  Yup I know, it kinda sux, but hey if you want to moderate for free, let us know.

How do I print/save my rankings?

You can create a print friendly page or save to PDF by hovering over the "Share/Save" buttom at the top of the page and select "Print Friendly" from the list of options. Also see Print Friendly Rankings.

How do I Cancel my Subscription/Membership

Cancel your subscription anytime.

1) Go to your Profile.

2) Click the "Fees" tab.

3) Select "Cancel". PayPayl users will need to cancel via their PayPal account.