NBA DFS Wednesday, March 6th

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NBA DFS Wednesday, March 6th
The final month of the NBA regular season is in front of us. Many teams will be playing mixed up lineups down the stretch, rest players or ''load manage'' their time on the court. It will be trickier to pick valuable contributors to make a winning DFS lineup, but hey, let's try to do that. Here are my NBA DFS picks for Wednesday, March 6th:
Rajon Rondo – Point Guard, Los Angeles Lakers
Rondo had a triple-double in his last game. The Lakers have 3-4 injured players coming into this game, and Rondo should play big minutes. Denver Nuggets are not an easy opponent, and that game could easily end up with a blowout, the way the Lakers season is going down the drain. However, if Lebron and Rondo get mad and decide to put up a fight, it could be a close game with great numbers from these two veteran players. 
For some other point guards, Spencer Dinwiddie from the Nets has come back from injury and had a 30 FPTS game on Sunday. You can still get him at a cheap price while it’s still lower due to the time he missed.
Elfrid Payton is another cheap quality point guard you can pick. He doesn’t score a lot, but always has 5+ rebounds and assists, and he usually rounds that up with blocks and steals. All in all, he is a 30-ish FPTS player, which is not bad considering his price tag and is pretty reliable too.
Kelly Oubre – Shooting guard, Phoenix Suns
Kelly Oubre has settled nicely in Phoenix after a trade from the Wizards. He's putting up 16 points, five rebounds, 1.6 assists, along with a block and 1.3 steals per game. He is playing really well lately, and the team also started winning some games. 
Suns are playing the Knicks, a game which we can dub ‘’the tank wars’’. Out of the two worst teams in the league, I pick the Suns to win because they are playing better and that should result in good DFS numbers for Phoenix’ players. Oubre is not exactly cheap but should get you around 30 FPTS or more in this game. 
His teammate Deandre Ayton should have a nice game as well, and he would be one of my first options at the center position. Ayton is playing great, averaging a double-double and he is not as expensive as some other centers performing on Wednesday.
For some other shooting guards, I would look in the direction of Caris Levert from the Brooklyn Nets. He was a favorite for Most Improved Player award before he got injured, and would have probably been an All-Star the way he was playing. However, he was not as effective as a starter since his return, and coach Atkinson started playing him with the second unit. This proved to be a right decision, as it separated him and D’Angelo Russell, which gave more freedom to Levert. For a price of 6400$ and 5400$ on FD and DK, Caris Levert should be a nice pick that will produce around 30 FPTS.
If you want to save money here, Josh Hart from the Lakers just had a nice game and costs below 4000$. Since half of the Lakers’ roster is injured, Hart should have another opportunity to produce above his salary value.
Lebron James – Small Forward, Los Angeles Lakers
Like I said with Rondo, the same applies here. If he gets mad, he can get you a 30-point triple double. If he has genuinely quit on the season, he will still give you something like 25-7-7. Lebron is a terrible defensive player this year, but his offense has been up to par with his career averages, and that’s what matters in DFS.
Some cheaper options include Jabari Parker, who is putting up great numbers in Wizards uniform; and Justise Winslow, who is effectively a point guard for the Miami Heat, which results in a larger number of assists. Between the two, I would have to pick Jabari.
Anthony Davis – Power Forward, New Orleans Pelicans
Anthony Davis saga has been extremely tiring for everybody, including DFS players. Is he playing, is he sitting? How many minutes will he get?
The truth is, when he does play, Anthony Davis has been great. In limited minutes, sure; but when he is on the court, he is still really productive, especially at the defensive end where he usually gets two or more blocks and steals. All of that results in 40+ FPTS a game, and you can get him at a discount rate. For 8000$ on FD, and just 6700$ on DK – he is a bargain. Just make sure he indeed does play and pick your teams closer to the tip-off.
For some other players at this position, Bobby Portis has been excellent lately, and he should have another big night against the struggling Dallas Mavericks, who are playing without a true center that would give the opposition some trouble.
And for some sneaky good picks, look in the direction of Nemanja Bjelica and Harry Giles from the Sacramento Kings. Since Bagley got hurt, these two power forward have gotten more opportunity and are using it well. Both can be an excellent cheap pick that will round up your lineup.
Karl Anthony Towns – Center, Minnesota Timberwolves
Karl Anthony Towns almost died in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. Since that happened, he has found a new appreciation for life and the game of basketball. He has been great before that, but since the accident, he has been on another level and is giving everything he's got to push Timberwolves to the playoffs. He is my no.1 option at the center position for the night.
I already mentioned Deandre Ayton as a cheaper option, and for really cheap guys you can go with Javale Mcgee; who is the only center in Lakers’ rotation and should give you at least a decent production.
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